Classic Croissant

Classic croissants. Golden brown, crisp exterior and creamy, buttery interior. The croissants are certainly not a quickie project, but with practice, the results can be amazing.

Peach Jam 

Peach Jam prepared with Kenwood cooking chef.

Nutella rolls 

They are soft, fluffy, loaded with nutella and covered with melted dark chocolate. Basically, they are to die for!

Cinnamon rolls 

The softest, fluffiest homemade cinnamon roll ever! This is the only recipe you’ll ever need


Easy croissants recipe! Ok, not so easy but easier than the long process a classic croissant dough requires.

Blueberry muffin 

These delicious muffins are so soft and loaded with blueberries. With their crunchy, sugary tops are perfect for breakfast or with coffee any time of the day.


Chocolate chips muffins. Moist, fluffy, rich in flavor and loaded with sweet chocolate chips!

Banana bread 

This recipe is the result of several rounds of testing, created to have a moist tender loaf with pure banana flavor!

Kinder brioss 

Brioche for a perfect snack! Tender, fluffy and filled with delicious milk cream, these easy brioche are sure to become your new favorite breakfast treat!

Chocolate chip cookies 

These chocolate chip cookies are crispy-on-the-outside, and perfectly chewy-on-the-inside. You’ll never need another cookie recipe again!